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Land Of The Lost
Land of the Lost logo

One of the greatest joys in my life was being cast by SID AND MARTY KROFFT as Will Marshall in Land of the Lost. The cast has remained dear friends for the past 50 years! The Kroffts didn't just cast my TV family...they also gave me a real-life extended family!

Hello Sleestak

Opening Theme Song 

Sung by Wesley

3rd Season Opening Theme Song

I sang this song for the third season to try and explain why my father wasn’t in the Land Of The Lost anymore, and why my Uncle Jack was suddenly there! A broken pylon was the show’s answer...a contract dispute is the real answer!


Land of the Lost family
Wesley, Kathy Land of the Lost
Wesley, Kathy and Sleestak
Land of the Lost lunchbox
Wesley and Phil Paley
Wesley, Chaka, Kathy Land of the Lost
Enik Land of the Lost
Ride the Yellow Raft

Will, Holly &
Cha-Ka today! 

Wesley Eure
Land of the Lost
Wesley and Kathy with a Pylon
Phil Paley as Chaka

Recording the Land of the Lost theme song...

I went to legendary music producer Michael Lloyd’s recording studio after shooting the first episode to record the opening and closing theme songs. Michael and I met a year before when, soon-to-be California Lieutenant Governor, Mike Curb put four boys, including myself, together for a new Motown singing group. Needless to say that didn’t go anywhere!!  


For the third season when Spencer left the show, I went back into the studio to record a new theme song for the final season to introduce Uncle Jack.


That final season, Sid and Marty let me sing in several episodes. After all, TIGER BEAT was in its prime and I was being marketed as a teen idol. So there I am strumming my homemade gourd guitar with only four was amazing that the sound of a full orchestra filled the cave and jungle! Oh, well, that was the magic of the Osmond Brothers who made me sound almost passable in their studio in Westwood, CA.


It is a lot of fun hearing Will Ferrell sing the theme song in the movie trailers!!! While visiting the set, Will told me he had to learn to play the banjo and was extremely gracious about the whole affair. I love how the Krofft’s kept the “scream” heard on the original theme song, as we were going over the waterfall, in the movie version when a giant bug bit Will on the neck! Funny!

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