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Kid's Lecture Series


...a wild, fun and noisy interactive experience
for your classroom!

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Dragon Tales
A Fish out of Water
Red Wings of Christmas

“Wesley Eure’s impact on the Earhart community was amazing. From students to staff Mr. Eure had the audience involved and excited. His interactive approach provided a positive learning environment for all children. As a principal, I would recommend him highly to any school.“

Brad Fisher


Amelia Earhart Elementary School of International Studies 

“The energy Wesley brought to the creative process of writing left a lasting impression on my first graders. They were still discussing and retelling the story months after his visit. I wish every elementary classroom had a chance to experience the excitement and inspiration we did. I am still smiling at the experience, and my administrator was thrilled!“

Deanne Anders, teacher

Saint Margaret’s school

First grade

“Both teachers and students truly enjoyed Wesley Eure‘s energetic enthusiasm and love for the storytelling. He involved students in the storytelling process right on the spot by creating a group story with the audience. The excitement and creative spirit followed students back into their classrooms, where they continued by drawing pictures, rewriting their story, or by creating their own new stories. My first graders were busy creating the rest of the afternoon! Thank you, Wesley, for finding the time to share your knowledge and love of storytelling with our budding authors.”

Lora Lee Stolzoff

1st grade teacher

Amelia Earhart Elementary School of International Studies 

Yes, anyone can write a book!!!


I developed a successful lecture program for kids called Anyone Can Write a Book! In 45 minutes to an hour I get an entire group of kids to write a book, out loud, together and illustrate it!! At the end of the event, they are encouraged to go home and tell their friends and family the new story they created!!


It is a wild, interactive event that empowers kids to write their own books and to embrace the joy of writing, drawing, and the art of oral storytelling!! I first share with the class a story I have written. Then I lead the entire group (from 10 to 100) to create a story from beginning to end. From title to silly silly moral!! Then everyone is given drawing paper and colored pens to illustrate their favorite characters. It is an unforgettable experience for both students and teachers!


You will be amazed and delighted at the stories the students come up with! Most importantly, the students will be excited about the creative process and eager to share their new story!


The results have been remarkable! Recently at a school in Palm Desert, a very withdrawn student who would not draw and barely wrote was so excited by the experience he has now become one of the most prolific illustrators in his second grade class!


When I helped create DRAGON TALES for PBS I was also required to create a companion show to win the multimillion dollar federal grant that launched the series. I use the lessons I learned teaching Anyone Can Write A Book! And created a show called SHOW AND TELL ME!


I have given this lecture all across the country to many classrooms and lecture halls for children ranging in age from 6 to 15. I was hired by the Phoenix school district to teach 4 to 5 classes a day for an entire week! If you are interested in bringing ANYONE CAN WRITE A BOOK! to your school, please click the BOOKING BUTTON below to contact me regarding dates and fees.




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