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Wesley Eure montage
Days Of Our Lives
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives
Wesley on the cover of TV Day Stars Magazine

Here is the old Horton family singing! 


This brings back so many memories!  I really miss that “acting” family!!! Plus I loved working at NBC. After nine years it really felt like everybody on the lot was a big family...from the producers to the guys at the gate.


I played Mike Horton for almost 9 years. I’m still in touch with several of the old cast members like Patty Weaver, Susan Seaforth, and up until his passing, Bill Hayes. 


This was my grandmother's favorite show when I was a little boy. She had passed away by the time I got the job, but every time I watched the show, I could smell the smell of ironing. It was what Nanny was doing every time she watched the show in Mississippi!!!


In 1999, I produced and wrote a tribute video to Irving Berlin (who wrote ALWAYS)  for a production show on Crystal Cruises.  I flew to NYC and interviewed two of his three daughters, Mary Ellen Barrett and Linda Emmett, who flew in from Paris.

The Horton's sing "Always"

Article on Michael Hortons wedding.
Wesley - the Teen Idol
Days of Our Lives
Michael Hortons wedding.
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