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Jim Coane, the eventual executive producer of Dragon Tales, was working at Sony Studios and called me to help create a kid’s show. All of this because his son loved my book The Red Wings Of Christmas. I had worked with Jim on Totally Hidden Video for Fox. 

Jim’s secretary, Lisa, had gone to the Laguna Sawdust Arts Festival and found these amazing dragon drawings by Ron Rodecker. I went to the Sony lot and Jim gave me the drawings and a bit of a rough rundown. He gave me a tour of Sony’s lot and took me for lunch at the commissary trying to woo me into working with him.

Three days later I put together the treatment for the show, including creating the two headed dragon Zack and Weezy. We were initially going to name the characters Snarf and Bugger!!! Jim named Max after his own son.

We were competing for a huge multi-million dollar grant from the Federal Government. Eventually we beat out the Muppets and Sesame Street for the PBS grant. I was told that because of the huge grant the show was in the “black” the day it aired.

Children’s Television Network then came onboard. They gave Jim and I lots of notes to redo the treatment. I had to leave the next day because I was a celebrity on a seven day Days Of Our Lives cruise to the Mexican Rivera. I spent the entire voyage in my cabin rewriting and faxing pages to Sony. 

In order to get the federal grant there had to be a companion show written and submitted with Dragon Tales, so overnight I created a show called SHOW AND TELL ME based on my school lecture program I do around the country called Anyone Can Write A Book.  I get an entire group of 10 to 100 kids to write a book and illustrate it within an hour. It is a wild, fast-paced and loud fun event!!!  A while back I spent an entire week teaching at the Phoenix school district...4 to 5 classes a day!!!

I hope one day SHOW AND TELL ME gets produced...

When the first episode aired, my name was not on the credits. I was heartbroken!! In the end I had to get an attorney to reclaim “a part” of my creative rights. Oh, Hollywood...it is not for the faint of heart!!!

I an honored to have helped create this wonderful series!!! It is a wonderful heartfelt show that has touched the lives of so many preschoolers!


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